Figure skating blade covers have long been a necessary piece of the figure skaters's equipment.  For years, blade covers consisted of just a thin piece of terry cloth or print cotton fabric that cut through easily after blade sharpenings.  Usually when a skater would choose a pair of soakers they would have to choose which fabric was the least ugly.  
Skater's spend a tremendous amount of money on their sport and having to frequently repurchase soakers that cut through quickly after sharpenings is not only a waste of money, but can cause serious damage to their very expensive blades.

Fuzzy Soakers® was created to finally provide skaters with a blade protector that was not only superior in quality to what was currently available, but to appeal to the high fashion sense that skaters are famous for.  Fuzzy Soakers® designed a soaker that virtually eliminated blade cut through due to sharpenings and that also provided all-around padding to protect the blade; But perhaps the most popular feature of the Fuzzy Soaker® is the stylish fabrics and designs that make skaters excited to pick their soakers and express their personal fashion flair.    Fuzzy Soakers® has become the #1 choice of blade protection for figure skaters around the world.  Fuzzy Soakers® are available online and in retail shops worldwide.  

Fuzzy Soakers® is also happy to support skate clubs with fundraising opportunities, competition adds, and competitor bag contributions.

Wholesale accounts available.  Call 303-324-7411 or email for more information.